Antidepressant EP

After 2 years of writing, 5 years of producing and experiences, I'm finally releasing what I have protected and kept as my own. When creating this EP I always thought that this was only to fulfill me but I realized that I needed to understand when you create it's not just for you, it's for the person that takes the time to consume your art.

So without further a due, here is "Antidepressant".

Reordered At: ARTS Museum
Album Design: CHRXX & Matt Genius
Mixed By: Matt Genius
Photographs: Chris Parson
Produced by: Matt Genius

1. Ungrateful
(Produced by Matt Genius; Contains sample of "Fabby")

2. Bitch I'm Ballin
(Produced by Matt Genius, Mixed by Ya Boi NOIS)

3. Hideaway/Far Away Ft. Jaclyn Jablon and MIKNNA
(Produced by D.J. Haircut and Chris Calor)

4. And The Common Saying Goes
(Produced by Chris Calor and Matt Genius)

5. Make Mama Proud (Smile)
(Produced by Matt Genius, Add. Vocals by Jaclyn Jablon)

6. Love Of My Life
(Produced by Matt Genius - Contains sample of "Love Of My Life")