Growing Pains

Facing demons... It's pretty scary. No one wants to face the ugly side of themselves. Why you think when photos are taken of people they say, "take it on this side, it's my good side" lol.

The reality is we all have a "bad" side or something about ourselves we're just not happy with. 

Photo taken by Fvckinfluffy

Photo taken by Fvckinfluffy

I'm selfish and inconsiderate of others. It's hard for me to admit and own up to it but in order for me to grow I have to admit that to myself. From there is where I will experience "pain" or ridicule because this whole time I'm thinking I am someone that I'm not. Just gotta own up to it, accept it and be ok with my shit and move forward. Experience the growing pains and Always Remember To Smile.

-Matt Genius