Start Your Journey

When you set out on your journey you never know all the stops you will make, all you know is where you want to end up.

Photo Cred. Matt Genius

Photo Cred. Matt Genius

My journey towards my career started in 2009 when I got my first internship with Warner Bros. Records. It is the dopest starting experience to me because I was doing something I did not want to do. (You read correctly DID NOT) During the internship it was wack but looking back I'm grateful because this experience not only gave me a foot in the door in the music industry, it also showed me what I didn't want to end up doing.

Starting your journey can be hard but when you do, it's liberating because you are truly living your dreams even though it might not seem like the experience you dreamed of, it's the experience you created by dreaming.

- Matt Genius